A Lot of Shock in this Year’s Mock Election


Liam Echols

Hollywood Hoxe ran as an independent and he hopes to “win.”

Izzy Warren, Opinion Editor

The Mock Election is an AP Government project done every year by the senior class. Each AP Gov class is given a role: a candidate, and interest group, or a media outlet. The students then take on these roles, doing jobs that correlate to what may actually occur in an election. The candidate’s campaign to gain their peers supports while the media groups seek to expose the inner workings of each of the candidates and the interest groups share their different views and endorse the candidates that fit those views. During this Mock Election debate, shots were fired as Hollywood Hoxe implied that Christopher Phillips may be participating in inappropriate sexual misconduct. Elroy Bowen threw shots towards Richard Revolution stating that his idea was absurd and that he couldn’t spell! While there were spurts of jabbing attacks, as there are in any political campaigning, for the most part, the mock election is just a fun and engaging way for students to learn hands-on what it would be like to be in a campaign. So, thank you to all out candidates and their supporters for making this into such a fun and interesting mock election and shout out Mr. Robinson and Mr. Gore for asking some worthwhile questions and making sure we all did some learning along the way.

The winners of the mock election are: In first place, Hollywood Hoxe, in second place Elroy Bowen, and in third place Wes Sanders!
Hollywood Hoxe says he feels “good” about winning and that he thinks he won because “I was the best candidate for the job and people like what I got to say.”
Elroy Bowen says “I’m excited to get to work on improving Charlottesville, this campaign has been a long journey but I’m glad it paid off.”
Wes Sanders says “I felt like no matter what I was gonna win so I wasn’t really concerned I’m just distraught that I’m in third place when I’m better, smarter, and cooler than all the other candidates.”