Play for pay!

James Tanner, Staff Writer/Business Manager

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The impossible has happened! The NCAA has finally decided to allow players to earn money off of their hard work and dedication! As of October 28th, 2019, the NCAA formulated plans to allow collegiate student-athletes to get paid for the use of their images and names, this plan could take a while to take place though, seeing as how complex the financial plans would have to be to accommodate this change. 

This is a long-awaited event. Talks about paying college athletes have happened for years, with some athletes even grouping together to unionize against the NCAA’s backward priorities regarding the worth of their athletes. This issue with the NCAA became strikingly apparent this year with the sheer amount of past and present athletes claiming their grievances against the NCAA. An example being the popular photo of star NFL running back Todd Gurley III wearing a shirt showing the NCAA logo, with the words “not concerned about athletes.” Which goes to show the extent of the athletes disdains towards the NCAA.

All in all, the world of collegiate athletics has been evolving for years, with the NCAA just now catching up. Which raises the question of, Has the NCAA really actually cared about their athletes? Many firmly believe the answer is no, but I remain hopeful that this new act can create a safe, protected environment for our athletes.