Black Knight’s Best Friends


Chloe Boutin

Chloe and Caden hold our local CHS cat and snap a picture on Homecoming night.

Izzy Warren, Opinion Editor

We all love our furry little friends. From puppies to dogs and kittens to cats, they are all adorable. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by school, looking at these cute, furry animals and reading some silly pet stories is one way to detox after a long day. Your classmates sent in different stories and pictures for their animals and KTR picked a few to feature and we also featured CHS’s very own cat, who roams the courtyards and often appears on students snap chats, we love our little kitty! So take a break, sit back, and enjoy the cuteness!
Fridaous Sanda:

“My goat was trying to get with this lady goat and was really paying attention and got hit by a motorcycle but he survived and now limps every time he walks. It’s so funny and cute.”
Barrett Crusse:

“My rottweiler got into our pantry and ate two bags of Doritos, a loaf of bread, and a box of moon pies in five minutes. I’m talking his own weight in food guys. I’m telling you this fella is a beast you better hop on this story real quick.”

“Well, my pet dinosaur once escaped and went missing! That’s why we moved away from Chicago.”

Cleo Engle: 

“Barksdale is a very unique dog. My freshman year, the night before prom. My dog died, and my mom had to perform the Heimlich and then CPR to resuscitate him. While he is okay now, he still dies regularly because he is stupid and cannot chew his food.”

James Tanner:

“I had a dog that used to wear my underwear ones a month… a female dog.”

Connor Jackson:

“My pitbull can do backflips. If you tap something he jumps up and gets it. He fully commits, misses, goes up, and comes back around in a backflip.”