Student Athlete of the Week Ashlyn Cherrix


Tony Brozey, Staff Writer

Ashlyn is a Senior Field Hockey Captain for Charlottesville High School, a central defender who leads the defense. Ashlyn has been playing Field Hockey for most of her life and has ten years of experience under her belt.  CHS Field Hockey has had a winning season this year going 12-4, dominating the competition. Ashlyn Cherrix in her CHS Field Hockey career has had quite a few achievements. She started as a center defensive midfielder during her freshman year, earning VHSL 2nd Team All-region 4A West 1st Team All-Jefferson District and VHSL AA Conference 22/23 1st Team All-Conference. She was basically a field hockey prodigy. Her sophomore year she was starting at the same position again and made the 2017 All-Central Virginia 2nd Team, 4A 2nd Team All-Region. Ashlyn moved to center defense in her junior year. She also achieved the 2018 All-Central Virginia 2nd Team, 2018 All-Jefferson District 1st Team, Region 4C 2nd Team All-Region.  Ashlyn also got the Varsity Defensive MVP award. 


Ashlyn isn’t just a beast on the field, but also a beast in the classroom, rocking a 3.56 GPA. Ashlyn also has a busy schedule in the classroom with rigorous classes like AP Bio, AP Physics, AP Gov, DE English, DE precalc, personal training and wellness, AVID 12 and morning choir. She is also pursuing a medical career after high school and is apart of the Discover medicine student program – which is for students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field and exposes high school students to medical school experiences along with experiences in the hospital. Ashlyn’s coach, coach Tharp, had some good things to say about her: “Ashlyn will be very missed as a person and on defense next year. She was a joy to watch dribbling out of the circle either in the air or popping it over defenders’ sticks. More importantly, she was not a complainer and worked to keep the team on course as Co-Captain. Her personality and leadership will take her far.”  Ashlyn’s co-captain Maya Block says that “Ashlyn Cherrix is one of the most grounded, dedicated and caring people I have ever met. She is the glue to our team, on the field and off it.”