Signed, Sealed, and Not Delivered…

Signed, Sealed, and Not Delivered...

Jaetron Andrews, Staff Writer

CHS has a policy that states that food delivery services such as Doordash, Orderup, Grubhub etc. are not allowed. The principal doesn’t think it would be in our best interest to have the option. Food delivery services could offer you more options during lunch time. Students weighed in with their strong opinions about their food options. 

The graph shows the statistics of the percentage of students who agreed with the policy and those who disagree. It turns out 88.5% of the students in CHS would love to get food from their favorite restaurants delivered. One response explained why they want food delivery as an option “…school lunch is trash, so I’d rather eat something I like rather than nothing.”

In an interview held with Dr. Irizarry about the topic, the question was asked, “Do you think by not allowing students to get food delivered,that it will increase the amount of students who don’t eat at all?” Dr. I said, “We are trying to do more in the cafeteria, like bring Dominos and other food vendors. We’re taking more dietary or religious restrictions into account to make sure we have options there.” 

“The food menu is printed by the month, so what I would encourage students to do if they don’t like what’s on the menu that day, is to pack their lunch. I think bringing in some of the food vendors will hopefully help with that a little bit, but we’re trying to make sure that if we bring in food like Dominos, that it’s still accessible to everyone — I don’t want to make it too expensive.”


In conclusion Dr. I is trying his best to make sure students have been fed so that they can have a successful school day. Take advantage of these options and give feedback to hopefully see more vendors introduced!