Different District, Different Experience?


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The district maps shows the lines and depicts stick figures who do not live within the lines.

Izzy Warren, Opinion Editor

There are approximately 300 students at CHS who have chosen to come here even though they are not districted for Charlottesville. This means that they pay a tuition of  $1,701 for the first child in a family and $1,458 for each additional child from the same family. 

This year, some students who were hoping to be accepted from out of district were not able to come due to how many students are already attending. There is no current “cap” on how many out of district students can attend. However, Dr. Irizarry says “We look at the caps on individual classes. We keep them smaller than many other schools, so we look at overall capacity and those class sizes.” This year, many of the classes are completely full, which means many people who applied to transfer to C.H.S. were not accepted. 

Out of district students do have differences when it comes to some things. Not only are they often driving from far away, but some say they do feel that C.H.S. is very different from where they came from. Riddley Connor, a student at C.H.S., says, “I went to the Charlottesville Waldorf School, which is a very small private school. I went there starting in first grade and attended all the way through eighth grade. It was definitely much different in terms of the size and method of teaching.” 

However, these differences do not affect the way the administration sees them. Dr. I says, “Once you’re in, you’re in, and you are a Black Knight.” Even though there are some minor differences for the out of district students, C.H.S. is a welcoming place that puts aside our differences and fosters one singular black knight identity, no matter your district or past. So, to all you out of district kids, we are glad you’re here!