Alumni Playing Soccer in College


Malcolm Brickhouse, Staff Writer/ Publicity manager

With C.H.S.’s  very impressive boys soccer team, we’ve seen many go on to play at the collegiate level. Let’s take a look at some of our alumni currently playing college soccer:

At Lynchburg, there are currently three alumni on the team: Abibi Osman, Ayat Mohamed, and Rachade Kondo.Osman, a Junior, has had an impressive few years at Lynchburg. Osman is arguably our most decorated alumni in regard to college soccer. Just last season, he garnered a substantial group of awards including First Team All-State, First Team all-ODAC, Third Team all- South-Atlantic Region, and Shellenburger classic MVP. He also got on Sports Center top 10 with an amazing bicycle kick. Sadly, Abibi missed the last six games of last season due to injury. Osman loves the atmosphere at Lynchburg. “Everyone is always eager to say hi on campus.” he says. Freshman Ayat Mohamed has had a great start to his season at Lynchburg, starting in every game except the very first one. He has already tallied two assists and he’s looking to follow in his cousin’s (Abibi) footsteps as one of the best to ever play at Lynchburg. Mohamed also loves Lynchburg as a school saying “There  are many resources for you athletically, personally, and academically.” Freshman Rachade Kondo didn’t play in the first six games of the season, but his hard work in practice, including extra sessions by himself, finally earned him some minutes. Kondo already has a goal to his name this season! “It’s small but full of really kind people.” said Kondo in regards to the school.Lynchburg has had a tough start to the season with an extremely hard schedule, but they are looking to turn it around and look to make a postseason run.

At Randolph College, Juniors Evan Blow and Barun Tamang have both had very impressive careers.Evan is a three-year starter, playing 85-90 minutes per game this year. He already has four goals and three assists to his name in their first seven games. “It’s a small school which allows me to know my teachers and them to know me,” says Blow. What drew him to Randolph was that the team “is a family.” He also likes having Barun playing alongside him.  

Barun has started all three years as well. He is a solid defensive midfielder who really helps his team connecting between lines. Similar to Braun’s CHS soccer experience, he is sort of an unsung hero. This is something him and Adam Moreland have in common. They are both amazing players and help their teams a great amount, but their stats may not always show it.

Isaac Kenner is a sophomore at Colorado College. In his freshman year, he got a lot of minutes and was in the starting lineup until suffering from back injuries. He got the team’s first goal of the season as a freshman! This year, he is frustrated with some aspects of the season, so the soccer side of things isn’t going as well. “The school itself is great though,” he says.

Adam Moreland is a freshman at Dickinson College. While his team got off to a rough start, with him only playing about 30 minutes a game, things have really turned themselves around. Adam is now starting at attacking-mid, getting about 70 minutes a game, and the team has had 4 wins in their last 5 games. Adam likes the school a lot, saying that all his teammates are very welcoming.

Campbell Brickhouse is a sophomore at William and Mary. As a freshman, he redshirted in order to develop both physically and technically. This year, he still isn’t playing as much as he’d probably like, but has seen minutes in some of the games and is now on the travel roster. Going into college, Brickhouse chose to take the Division 1 path, knowing he would have to fight harder for playing time. He loves the school saying “it’s a perfect fit, I love my classes and my team.” 

Kyle Lenhert is at the beginning of his freshman year at West Virginia. Similar to Brickhouse’s freshman year, this season isn’t seeing too many minutes for Lenhert. Being part of a  top 25 D1 program, Lenhert will be in a fight for playing time for the rest of his time in Morgantown. “I love the university and I’m becoming a better player,” says Lenhert.With the level of talent here at

C.H.S, you can definitely expect to see more college soccer players in the near future! Stay tuned.