KTR Picks! Favorite Fall Activity

James Tanner, Staff Writer/Business Manager

Autumn Hiller: People calling me Fall instead of Autumn

Charlie Burns: Throwing a frisbee

Brendan Riley: Spooning my dog by the fire

Walker Lloyd: Shaving my legs

Bruno Pham: Playing Soccer

Tomas Russo: Drinking hot apple cider with the boys

Caspar Henneman: Frolicing in the leaves. 

Malcolm Brickhouse: Picking apples

James Tanner: Watching College Football

Oliver Barcia: Playing pickup football 

Izzy Warren: Watching the sunset in a corn maze

Tony Brozey: Spitting

Cleo Engle: Carving Pumpkins

Maksim Schroeder: Thinking about my favorite fall activity 

Kyri Antholis: Playing Field Hockey

Connor Jackson: Skateboarding

Lucas Simpson: Raking Leaves

Kiran Matthews: Going to Carters Mountain to watch the sun set. 

Jaetron Andrews: Playing Frisbee

Stella Gunn: Trick or Treating