Student Athlete of the Week: Peter Manto


Peter is the one in the middle. Surrounded by his teammates.

Tony Brozey, Staff Writer

Peter Manto, a cross country runner for Charlottesville High School, is co-captain of the boys’ team, along with Reece McKee and Edison Aten. Peter and Reece pace each other during practices each day.  Peter says “The faster you run, the faster you’re done.” He says this means the pain you experience as you run makes you want to slow down, but it’s ironic because the faster you run the less pain you will have to endure as a whole. The pain of being disappointed in yourself or not giving your best will also affect you if you slow down.  Peter’s personal record for a 5K last year was 19:52 and he has improved it by a whole 2 minutes and 8 seconds this season. Peter joined cross country as a way to get exercise in eighth grade, but quickly came to enjoy the competitive atmosphere and now looks forward to every meet. He is also one of the only two athletes that have been doing cross country for a whole five years. “Cross country has taught me to appreciate that hard work in any part of one’s life is important, as it translates to effort in other parts of one’s life.”

He has also been very successful in his academics; he takes classes at UVA such as Calculus and Physics Laboratory, and he is a research assistant at UVA for nuclear physics. At CHS, Peter takes Ap Lit and Ap Spanish Lit, DE Criminal Law, Engineering 5 and Politics with Robinson. He also is captain of the Quizbowl Team at CHS and co-leader of Zero Robotics, a branch of BACON. Peter works to find a balance between his athletic career and his academic career. His coach, Ray Ackenbom, stated to KTR that Peter “has improved tremendously as an athlete and a leader…and has taken a real role in motivating and guiding his teammates.”