Homecoming Run-Down


Kyri Antholis, News Editor, Staff Writer

It’s time for homecoming again! Homecoming, as most of us know, is a school-held dance organized by the C.H.S. Student Council Association to celebrate the beginning of the school year. But what some of us here at Charlottesville High School don’t know is the ins and outs of the many aspects of and surrounding homecoming. 

Let’s talk first about Spirit Week! Spirit Week is the five school days before Saturday’s homecoming dance. This year those days are October 7th -11th. Every day, there is a different spirit to dress in that is chosen by the SCA to show your school pride and excitement for homecoming. Check out the list below of this years spirits. Go all out for spirit week to make the build up to homecoming more fun!

Another exciting part of homecoming week is the pep rally. The pep rally is at the end of the day on the Friday before Homecoming. In the pep rally, students represent their grade in fun contests such as relays and student/teacher volleyball. The football team shows up to get everyone hype for their game that night. Watch out for the sign up sheet for this years pep rally.

The Homecoming football game is the most exciting game of the year. Everyone’s excited for the dance the next day, and cheers harder than ever for the football team to win. This year, our Black Knights play Orange County High School, in what will hopefully be an exciting and victorious game. At the football game, the Homecoming Court proceeds along the football field during half time, and Homecoming King and Queen are announced. 

Homecoming court is made up of two girls and two boys from each grade, freshman through junior. Students from each grade are nominated by other students in their grade, and two are voted to be on the court. People on homecoming court presented at the pep rally, the football game, and at the homecoming dance. A homecoming king and queen are voted out of the 4 senior boys and the 4 senior girls who are nominated for homecoming court, who are announced at the football game, and presented at the homecoming dance. 

Vanessa Antwi, who was on freshman homecoming court last year talked about her experience. “Being able to walk down the field during the homecoming game was such a thrill with so many people rooting and cheering me on. I took great pride in knowing that my peers thought to nominate me for homecoming court.”

Every year, homecoming has a theme chosen by the student council. This year, the theme is “Decade’s Disco.” This year, each class will decorate a hallway with the theme of a different decade. Seniors are decorating for the 60s/70s, juniors are decorating for the 1920s, sophomores are decorating for the 50s, and the freshmen are decorating for the 90s. If you can, come to help your class decorate a fun hallway! The more hands, the better. 

Kaymin Hester, the SCA sophomore president, says “I’m so excited for the disco themed homecoming! We’re looking to make it as creative and dynamic as possible, and we want everyone to have a good time.” 

To raise money for homecoming this year, the SCA will be holding a fundraising event. Look out for more information on this so that you can help raise money for an amazing homecoming dance, for things such as decorations and drinks. 

As for your homecoming fit, freshmen girls usually wear black, per tradition. Guys tend to wear khakis and a dress shirt, but you do you! You also don’t have to dress according to the theme. Whether you choose to snap photos on your phone while at the dance, or get together with friends before hand to get nice photos, be sure to somehow capture the night. 

At Homecoming itself, there will be dancing in B commons, and refreshments and pictures in the Atrium. During the dance, the homecoming court will proceed down the stairs in B commons. Tickets for the dance will be on sale the week before Homecoming. Make sure you don’t forget your ticket for the dance. 

Most people’s favorite part of homecoming is their before or after plans. Whether that be taking pictures with your friends and dates before the dance, or hanging out after, also get excited for a great week of homecoming festivities!