In-N-Outs at C.H.S.


Cap Henneman, Sports Editor

In: UVA Football Games

Out: CHS Football Games

CHS has hit a rut right as UVA has gotten hot, unfortunate for the few Hokie fans at CHS. (This is not discouraging attending CHS athletic events.)


In: Popeyes

Out: The Rest of the Chicken Strip

(Disclaimer: Chick-Fil-A is not technically in the Chicken strip 😉 )

Why: The introduction of the chicken sandwich is huge for Popeyes, KFC’s sandwich doesn’t compare, and does Cane’s even have a viable chicken sandwich? I’ll consult with Lucas. 


In: Having Healthy Lungs

Out: Vaping

Why: If you’re still vaping, you suck! (pun intended)


In: KTR 

Out: Daily Progress

Why? See for yourself!


Instagram: @chsktr


Girls Shoes:

In: Air Max 90s

Out: Fila Dinostompers

Why: Fairly obvious. Air Max: Classic shoe coming back in style. Dinostompers: These chunky shoes are better left in the past.


Boys Shoes:

In: Air Max 90-95-97

Out: New Balance 990s and 574s

Why: $175 is very pricey for the new 990V5 which are probably a step down from the V3. 


In: YNW Bslime

Out: YNW Melly

Why: Melly’s younger brother, a 12-year-old who has bars. Who doesn’t love that? Plus Melly killed people so…


In: KTR Website

Out: KTR Printed Issues

Why: 1) Reading off paper is obsolete. 2) Better for the environment. 


In: Isaiah Washington

Out: Sabias Folley

Why: Sabias graduated last year so it’s time for a new workhorse to lead the team, Isaiah Washington seems to be that guy with his similar play-style to Folley. 


In: iPhone Dark Mode

Out: iPhone Light Mode 

Why: With the release of iOS 13, iPhone users are able to switch to dark mode which is a great upgrade. Sorry Android users. 


Out: NBA2k20

Back in: NBA2k19

Why: Everyone was excited for the newest 2k game, but most people ended up returning it due to its flaws in mechanics and controls which left the disappointed gamers returning to the much better 2k19.


Out: Fortnite

In: Having good grades, a social life, and free time.

Why: Many people fell into the hole that was Fortnite last year but due to bad updates and boredom of the game, this trend has passed, leaving everyone with more much needed time to do important things.