Cellphones at C.H.S


Photography credit of KTR photographer Connor Jackson.

Freshman students, Santino Green, Malachi Banks, and Asher Friedman on phones during class. Accompanied by sophomores Jadie Bastiaan Beatley and Sebastian Krebs.

Kiran Matthews, Staff Writer

Phone policies have been implemented in schools all around our nation, for the sole purpose of keeping students attentive and organized in classrooms. Policies widely vary from each institution and many of our own freshman here at C.H.S. have expressed surprising reactions to the somewhat “easygoing” rules here in our own school. Many compare them to their harsher middle school instructions which they used to see in their everyday classrooms. 


As Dr. Irizarry, our principle, stated in a recent interview “The cell phone policy here at CHS has not changed for the past 10 years.” However, every teacher has different enforced rules about this policy. The policy states “Cell phones, headphones, and other personal devices should be kept out of sight and used only with staff authorization.” Despite that, as many of the older students in our school know, these policies are frequently overlooked or deviated. Phone use in classrooms has not yet caused major problems in classroom focus levels, and has so far been appealing to multiple freshman this year. 


Freshman coming from public schools, and private schools especially have gladly taken in this new policy. “The phone rules here are so much easier and better than at my old school. It’s much more helpful, as well as pleasant, in my classes,” said new freshman Margot Nichols, a previous Tandem student. Many students also reported having more of an enjoyable time in class being able to listen to music while doing work. 


Now the question is, why are students so much more prone to our policy here at C.H.S. rather than at their old schools? Numerous students reported riggerous lengths were enforced by their middle school administration to keep phone use out of reach at school. These actions include putting phones in a box, or turning them into the front office each morning before class. 


Rafal Almolhem, a past Buford students says “We couldn’t take our phones out of our bags in class, and if we did we got a harsh warning.” Many students believe these strict policies aren’t needed as much in high school because many high schoolers can take responsibility for themselves.


The phone management here at C.H.S. seems to follow those same guidelines. High schoolers can take more responsibility for themselves and their own phone usage. We can hope the policy stays this way for future students enjoyment.