Prom in Review

Hunter Randle, Editor in Cheif

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, warmth surrounds us, and upperclassmen have finally finished thinking about one big thing: prom. Prom season has officially ended, and it all ended much too soon. We have reached the stretch of the school year where summer is tantalizingly close, yet also feels so far away. Prom, short though it may be, allows us to briefly take our minds off the madness that is the fourth quarter, and lets the student body unwind for one fun weekend.

This year’s prom was held at Fry’s Spring Beach Club, the same location as last year’s prom. Although not everyone was thrilled with this location, its rustic quality helped contribute to the western theme. This year’s D.J., Cle Logan, was also the same as last year’s. He has the special ability to select music from a wide variety of styles and genres, always a sure-fire way to keep dancers happy.

Now that prom has come and gone, everybody is exhausted and still reminiscing on the night they had. To remember the event, the K.T.R had decided to do an honest review of this year’s prom, weighing both its pros and cons. Starting from the very beginning, walking up to Fry’s Spring, everybody was greeted by a lovely group of ladies who were all smiles; this was sure to lighten even the worst of moods.

Our Wild Knight in the West was truly a blast, and the decorations surely added to that. There was hay all over, cowboy hats on many heads, and people ready to dance their hearts out. The energy on the dance floor was electric, thanks to Cle Logan’s superb D.J. work. He went straight-up beast mode on the tracks.

The enthusiasm in the air was palpable, and it became immediately clear that all of the students there were having a great time. There were dance circles aplenty, rife with shouts of excitement and some truly killer moves. Each and every couple looked gorgeous, and Cleve Packer and C’Erra Rhodes triumphantly won Prom King and Queen. Overall, prom was a smashing success, and next year’s attendees can already start excitedly counting down the days to next year’s dance. When it comes to prom, it’s clear C.H.S. isn’t horsin’ around.