Attendance at C.H.S. Matches Uneven Across Sports

C.H.S. student section showing school spirit at away game against Albemarle High School.

C.H.S. student section showing school spirit at away game against Albemarle High School.

Eliza Schock and Casper Henneman

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At C.H.S. it has recently been very evident that the attendance to sports games varies directly with the particular sport and the popularity of it, most commonly with people showing up to support the boys football and basketball teams.  Players that are a part of alternative sports have started to feel as though it is unfair that they are not receiving the same amount of support as the other sports.

In a school-wide poll asking students which sports games they have attended, many field hockey players expressed their annoyance of how they have a better record than the football team, yet they don’t receive the same amount of recognition and turnout at their games.  

Among many persistent responses, Talia Marshall expressed that people should come support “field hockey because they actually win games regularly (unlike football)”.  

Many students are merely unaware of when the sports games are occuring.  It was again, gathered from the poll, that there have been suggestions of sending a Canvas message about when and where all sports games are taking place.  Even English teacher, Ms.Mahlburg, stated that if they were aware of their occurences then they may come and show their school spirit more often.

The students who answered saying that they have attended various sports games further justified that it was due to them supporting their friends and showing their school spirit to all.

“I go to support my friends and classmates” as Marcus Targonski answered.

If the word is spread on when these games are then the amount of school pride and spirit can grow even more in order to show the same appreciation to every single sports team that exists.

In addition, students and athletes expressed that they want more games on Friday to build a fanbase around different sports. This would establish school spirit overall and create a better atmosphere for all sports games. The administration has been working on creating more school spirit as well as creating opportunities for more students to go to games.

Free tickets have been a big deal this year and crowds have been bigger, especially after free football tickets were given out at lunch.

“All tickets are free to C.H.S. students except for basketball,” Mr. Redd said. “We just don’t have enough capacity.”

A main emphasis is promoting sports that usually don’t get as much attention from student fanbases at C.H.S.. This would overall improve the environment as an athlete as well as a student fanbase as a whole.

“It’s possible for the fanbases to get bigger,” Mr. Redd said, “What we try to do is make people able to go to them for little to no cost.”

With the free tickets, in addition to a website and announcements, school spirit seems like it has the capability to be a huge presence in the area. Hopefully every sport can bring a student section, with themes and hype.