15 Electives You Didn’t Know Were Offered

Here at CHS, our array of courses is just like everything else in this school: extra. So we have gone through and found the hidden gems from the treasure chest that is the list of offered electives. If you’re interested in a course, ask your guidance counselor because not all courses are offered every year.

Music Theory

Wanna learn about how music moves us in such a way? And how there are underlying theories that create such a response from us? You’ll learn about melodies and harmonies and all that…jazz 😉  

Marching Knights

We’ve all seen the marching band leave people in awe with their impressive formations and precise steps at our home football games. They also travel to parades, contests, and festivals.  You must audition to be a part of this on-the-go-ensemble and attend band camp before the beginning of the school year.


Calling all those females out there with a beautiful voice! This is an all-female, SSAA choir. This ensemble isn’t your ordinary singing group; you’ll cover from traditional female choral music to show tunes with choreography. You must audition to be a part of this ensemble.  

Class Piano

Wanting to learn how to tickle the ivories? Class Piano is a small class, limited to only 10 students, to learn the basics of piano skills. Beginning music theory is also incorporated into your lessons.

AP Portfolio Studio Art

Like all AP courses, this class is college-level and an AP Exam is offered at the end of the year. This class is for those who are interested in the practical experience of art. You are able to pursue AP Studio drawing, two-dimensional design, or three-dimensional design and sculpture.

Technical Theatre I, II, III(Honors)

Do you love the atmosphere of the theatre but don’t want to be on stage? This class allows you to dive into the backstage world of theatre. You can learn everything from costume design and makeup to scenery construction and sound design

App Development

Wanting to create the next Snapchat? This class is for you. Coding is used throughout the class in order to explore programming concepts, procedures, and fundamentals. This class is not offered every year, so ask your guidance counselors!

AP Computer Science Principles

If you are obsessed with technology and want to see how it can impact the real world, this class is for you. You are able to explore the foundational concepts and challenges of computer science. You will be prepared for college courses and possibly a career as well as the AP exam at the end of the year.

Intro to Culinary Arts

This isn’t your average cooking class. Intro to Culinary Arts covers food science and technology, nutrition, diverse cuisines and service styles, preparation, and food safety. This class will prepare you for a future career in the food industry. Can you take the heat of the kitchen?

Leaders for Tomorrow – Honors Option

Are you a leader? Do you want to learn to be one? Leaders for Tomorrow develops skills in communication, problem-solving, resolving conflict, reaching out, and obviously leadership. You can also learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing stress!

Dual Enrollment (DE) Engineering 3 & 4

The engineering program at CHS is very prestigious, and Dual Enrollment Engineering is where it becomes college-level. These courses are for those who are interested in Engineering outside of high school. You must have completed Engineering 2, and since it is DE you should talk to your guidance counselor about the other requirements there are.  

Fashion Marketing

If you love fashion, CHS offers this class to allow you to get involved with the business side of it. This class covers the history, psychology, trends, fads, branding, and advertising of fashion. You even get to manage a virtual retail store!

Entrepreneurship Education: Urban Farming

Get your hands dirty with CHS’ Urban Farming class! You will learn farm to table agriculture and marketing skills required to sell what you grow. You get to work in the state of the art Sigma Labs, our greenhouse, and school garden! Why don’t you put all your farm-fresh eggs in this basket?

Honors Option Senior Internship Program – full credit

If you’re going to be a senior, and you have a good idea about what field you want to work in, take advantage of this great opportunity. You are able to gain first-hand experience with businesses in our community before you even go to college. Now THAT would be impressive on a transcript!

Commercial Photography IV Capstone – Honors Option

This photography class is the highest one offered at CHS. If you are interested in pursuing photography as a career, this class would be beneficial. You will further your skills in shooting, processing, printing photos, and much more. This will give you a snapshot of what it’s like to be a photographer in real life.