A Spotlight on a C.H.S. Hobby


Alex Warner (9) standing next to his Datsun 280XZ.

James Tanner

Hobbies are a great way to relax and avoid boredom, whether hiking, painting or watching Netflix, everyone has their own favorite way to pass the time.

One student, Alex Warner (9), has an extremely interesting hobby, since he was little, he has been restoring cars with his father.  His most recent project was restoring 1982 Datsun 280ZX. He said that the trim setup and the manual transmission made this a very easy car to work on.  He fixed a blown head gasket, the power steering, and a completely gutted interior. To fix this, he used a “donor” car, or another Datsun that was covered in rust and undrivable. He took the parts they needed from this car, and used them to slowly fix up the other car.

“This process took a long time, leaving him with two taken apart Datsun ZX’s in their yard for a while.”

The total cost of both cars was about $2,900, then another $1,500 on parts, and made back about 1,000$, leaving them with a total cost of $3,400. Which may seem like a lot, but for a car this rare and old, it is quite cheap in the grand scheme of things. So rare in fact, that he has only ever seen it once in his life, when he was on a family vacation in Canada.

He says that working on this car with his father is a great bonding experience, and that he would recommend this hobby to anyone who is looking for a fun yet challenging project.  

All in all, Alex obviously has a deep passion for cars, and he states that the pride he feels when driving his car is “unmatched by anything else.”


(Alex Warner (9) standing next to his Datsun 280ZX)