The Future of AVID at C.H.S.


Connor Jackson

Ms. Vallier prepares her instructions for her upcoming AVID classes.

Charles Burns, Staff Writer

At C.H.S. we tend to focus on established teachers, the veterans that have steadily built up a reputation for themselves over the years; but what about the new teachers, the ones who are doing the work to make C.H.S. a better place even though they just got here? Imagine the stress of learning how to navigate a new school with new hallways. Now add to that a hundred-plus names to learn in just a few days, as well as assignments to grade and a new curriculum to teach, and you’ll have a taste of the struggle new teachers go through.

Thankfully, many of these new teachers are doing consistently great work around the school. Take, for example, Mrs. Jaelan Vallier, who teaches AVID for all grades, and truly believes in the value of the program and the importance it has for some kids in helping them pursue the advancement of their academic careers to prepare for college. Not only does she truly believe in the importance of the AVID program, she has a personal connection to it as well.

“When I was in high school, I was an AVID student and a first-generation college student”, said Mrs. Vallier. “No one in my family has a four-year degree but me, and when I went to school, I had no idea what I was doing and I couldn’t count on my family for support, so my AVID teacher came alongside me and she helped me get my essays together. She helped me apply to schools and get scholarships, so I would attribute my collegiate success to AVID. I was an AVID tutor here last year, so I got to help the seniors also going through that process, so just being able to teach it, I feel like I’m giving back to the AVID community”.

Mrs. Vallier is not too much older than many of the seniors who go here, but not all our new teachers are necessarily at the beginning of their careers. Take Mr. Dierolf, who has decided to begin teaching AVID and Engineering, after a long career pursuing other interests.

“I’ve always been passionate about computers and technology”, when asked about his passion for Engineering. “Solving engineering problems is just like solving a jigsaw puzzle, it’s something you can work on and figure out”.

Mr Dierolf isn’t just passionate about Engineering, however. Like Mrs. Vallier, he has a personal connection to AVID.

“I was the first person in my family to go to a four-year college, and I know firsthand the value of a college education”, said Mr Dierolf, when asked about his personal connection to AVID. “I’m excited to help students who need a little help, a little support in navigating the complexities of getting into college and developing the skills needed to be successful there. It’s such a great way for me to spend the end of career. I’ve been successful in the business world and now it’s my opportunity to give back and help other people get a step up into that college and work world”.

With great new teachers like Mrs. Vallier and Mr. Dierolf helping to improve the C.H.S. and AVID community, we can be sure that the future of C.H.S. is in good hands.