High School Jobs

High School Jobs

The Graph at the top of the page represents percentage of types of jobs for students in C.H.S. who replied to our survey. The graph at the bottom of the page represents the grades of the interviewed students with or without jobs.

January 30, 2018

Money- a universal language that doesn’t speak at all. Many high school students find themselves stuck having just enough money for lunch out with friends and $.13 left in their bank account. The easiest way to get money would be asking your parents for 20 bucks here and there, but after a while, they are destined to get tired of being a human ATM. A good way for high school students to [legally] earn money is to get a job. In an effort to help job-seeking students we have reached out to other students who have jobs to get insight into their experiences of looking for and getting jobs. We have also found a few locations around CHS that are currently hiring.

“I was offered a job by one of the co owners and then I said yes and now I work” -Gabby Safley (12)


Personal experience has shown that dropping off a job application in person or sending in the application online and then stopping by the establishment to speak to a manager about your application shows that you are serious about the job and you are more likely to be hired. Using your personal connections like family and friends can also help you find a job.


“I got my job through the website Snagajob and then I went in for an interview” -Alexis Flores (12)


“I applied to all the places I’d like to work. I wasn’t looking for ‘now hiring’, just applied on their business pages. I went for one interview and didn’t get the job but did get a job around 2 months later.” -Mythryl Thomas (12)


88.2% of high school students that responded to a job survey have jobs while 11.8% said they did not have jobs. Jobs in the Fast Food industry seem to be most popular among high school students as 58.3% of students with jobs work in this field. Some students may be worried to get a job while still in high school because they think they cannot handle so much at once and even though 76.5% of working students do have to work hard to balance work and school, 88.3% of students maintain A-C grades.

If you happen to be a student looking for a job a few local places are hiring. Krispy Kreme at 5th Street is hiring for a part time retail position. Old Navy and Taco Bell are also hiring. Jimmy Johns is looking for a sandwich maker, Pizza Hut a delivery driver, and Starbucks in the mall is in need of a barista. Be sure to check out job finding websites like Snagajob, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.