CHS Club Spotlight: From Cars to Investments


Julia Cory, Staff Writer

Whether you’re interested in cars, investing, or volunteering, CHS has a club for you! Here’s a quick look at four of the many amazing club options available! 

Want to get involved and make our school more environmentally friendly? Cate Vaughn, a 12th grader at CHS, and the Green Bacon Club is trying to do just that! Cate explained how Green Bacon is an “environmentally conscious club that is aiming to employ more environmentally friendly aspects to our school.” Green Bacon meets on Thursdays in the STEM lab after school to work on their many important projects! Some of these projects include trying to improve our school’s recycling program, discussing volunteer opportunities and even exploring the possibility of a hydroponic system to grow plants! Be sure to stop by on Thursdays to learn more! 

Another club that focuses on improving our community and has many volunteer opportunities is the Habitat for Humanity Club! Elizabeth Burns, a 12th grader at CHS, explains what the goals of this club are. Elizabeth explained how the club has a goal of giving back to the community by participating in drives and fundraisers. Elizabeth also explained how “many different schools and organizations, including UVA, have a Habitat for Humanity club.” A typical meeting includes spreading information and working on projects. If you’re interested, come to Ms.Horne’s room (C102) every other Monday to get involved! 

Want a club where you will learn life skills and will be worth the investment? If so, join the Investment Club! Jude Fairchild, 12th grader at CHS, described why the Investment Club is a must join! This is Jude’s fourth year being in the Investment Club, and second year running it! Jude explains his goals for the Investment Club, “I hope to engage students of all backgrounds through an interactive teaching method involving activities, cases, and other mediums” he explained. He added how he has “been provided knowledge about investing and finance from a young age” and that he hopes to “help other students reach the world of investing”. The Investment Club meets on Wednesdays in D242 (Mr.Daly’s room). Jude explained how in an average meeting, he “tries to find new ways to engage students whether that be through competition, an interactive lesson, cases, or guest speakers”. He stressed how “Mostly though, the club is meant to be what the members want. If someone wants to learn about or talk about something then we will listen with attentive ears”. The Investment Club is sure to be a fun time and a welcoming environment! 

Interested in cool cars and want to be surrounded by other enthusiasts? Alex Warner explains why Car Club is  for you! “It’s a vehicle enthusiast club,” he explained, “Our car club brings enthusiasts of any vehicle together to discuss, meet about, and work towards common goals regarding our vehicles.” If you’re interested in learning more, come out to the Car Club every Thursday after school in Mr.Josselyns room (B229). There are so many awesome club options available at CHS! Whether you are pursuing a passion or trying something new, get involved!