Tips To Relieve Stress!


Reham Sheikh, Staff writer

Midterms and finals can affect each student differently, however, it remains very important to manage stress before exam day. Some students see exams as a way to test their ability and their work throughout the semester and they don’t stress about it, with the mentality to just do their best. Some students however stress themselves very much about studying and getting good grades. Regardless of your headspace going to exams this year, down below is a list of helpful tips to get over some stress in the coming week. 

  • Take breaks: it is important to take breaks between studying. For example, study for one hour and reward yourself with 15 minutes on your phone. Avoid studying for a long time. 
  • Exercise and get outdoors: exercise can boost your mood and help you to learn faster and fresher. 
  • Talk to your friends: See their ways of studying and how they manage their stress, and having some fun with them like going to dinner or a movie will also help to relieve some stress and to refresh your brain. 
  • Drink hot drinks: things like hot chocolate or herbal tea will soothe the mind, but remember to avoid too much caffeine. 
  • If you feel that you are very stressed, take a  hot shower or a bath to help to relieve the stress.
  • Do something new: go to the kitchen and bake something or look up small activities online to give your mind a rest. 
  • Get more sleep: especially during the exam seasons. According to many studies and researches, sleep prevents feelings of stress, anxiety, and frustration. Sleep improves your thinking capabilities. It makes you concentrate more creatively and think more. It also encourages you to fix issues and recall pertinent information.

Remember that you are trying your best: exams are important but remember to not push yourself too hard.