Keeping Busy in Quarantine

How Black Knights are adapting to life at home.


Chalk art is great hobby, and a way to spread positive messages.

Kiran Matthews

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, all of us are searching for ways to stay entertained at home. Many Black Knights are left with a growing urge to fill their endless days with some type of productivity. As sporting events have been canceled and normal life has been put on hold, many have started to enjoy newfound hobbies. 

It’s hard not to limit your days to binge-watching Netflix or playing video games for hours on end. Instead of lazily accepting this new status quo, many people are exploring new interests or activities. These can include art, exercise, music, or time with family members. 

When asked what she’s been doing to keep herself busy, sophomore Deshawna Timmons responded with an enthusiastic, “Art! I’ve been doing all the crafts and paintings I found fascinating but never really had the time to do. It’s been very fun and sort of a stress reliever during this time.” Like her, many others have begun to explore the world of creation, either painting or sketching things around them. Other activities people have taken up include things like sidewalk chalk art or collages. “I want to possibly try painting,” said junior Matthew Farina. With all the new time on your hands, why not try to get creative? However, this kind of artistic activity isn’t for everyone, and many students have also found themselves exercising much more than usual. 

Whether it be to stay in shape or simply better their lifestyle, many students have filled the streets of Charlottesville and picked up running as a hobby. “Before quarantine, I didn’t run a lot, but now, because I have so much time, I have been running a fair amount,” says Zoe Cohn, a sophomore at Charlottesville High School. For many students, the abundance of free time, and inability to exercise through high school and club sports, has pushed them to be more athletic. In addition to running and walking, people have begun working out at home, whether through recommended pre-season fitness regimes or Youtube at-home workouts. Exercising is never a bad idea; why not come out of quarantine looking and feeling better than ever?

We are living through a very difficult and monumental moment in history, and it is crucial to keep practicing and recognizing the importance of social distancing. Yet as days at home turn into weeks, it is also important to keep a positive outlook and take the time to explore new hobbies and favorite activities, like many of your fellow Black Knights.