Vending machines

Jaetron Andrews, Staff Writer

Are you ever still hungry after you just ate lunch? Did you not make it to the snackbar before it closed? Have you ever wondered why the vending machines are closed and never open? Well think no more! This week I want to discuss vending machines in our school that just sits there and collects dust. 


 Dr Irizarry was asked about the vending machines being closed down. “Vending machines are closed down during school hours because they can’t compete with our food services”. Dr Irizarry was also asked if that policy could possibly be changed in the future.”  It’s a federal law so I can’t. Snackbar is technically part of the cafeteria so it would count as lunch. Not necessarily something separate.”


C.H.S students were asked about their looks and opinions on this topic. Ms Mahlburg responded with “Do you ever have those days when you think you’re going home at 4pm but you find yourself staying until 8?”  Heaven Gladden, Junior responded with “It’s good for kids to have [more] options then just what school has. Also the snack bar is low key lame.”  Benjamin Freedman said “Sure, most vending machines don’t offer particularly healthy choices, but hey, that’s my decision to make! Also, for those folks who are staying after school, it’s great to have the option to grab a cheap snack.” Sarah Meyer added “Some of us have hippy parents who have only healthy food at home. It’s cool to be able to have unhealthy treats at school sometimes. “ 


In conclusion vending machines are going to continue to stay closed during school hours unfortunately. Hopefully policy is changed in the future but until then snack bar is always an option! Vending machines are always open during after school hours as well for students if you didn’t know already!