U.V.A. Football Stealing The Show?

U.V.A. Football Stealing The Show?

James Tanner, Staff Writer/Business Manager

Throughout these past couple years, C.H.S. has had major success, and major struggles on the gridiron. The same can be said for U.V.A.’s recent fluctuation in success. While there isn’t any direct correlation, we can’t help but notice U.V.A’s recent success, and C.H.S’s recent hardship. This brings up a relatively serious question, is U.V.A.’s recent success stealing the show (and students) away from a rebuilding C.H.S. team?

Over these past few years, C.H.S. football has seen great success in the form of a 7-3 2017 season. C.H.S. has also seen great struggles, in the form of a 1-9 season last year, and an 0-3 start to this 2019 season. This fluctuation in success has led to a lack of student enthusiasm on game days, and furthermore, changes in student involvement in pep rallies and other morale boosting, school supported activities. 

U.V.A football is in the opposite scenario, seeing as how the Cavs big play offense and bend but not break defense has helped them to a 3-0 start, including a big time win against conference rival Florida State University. This season has seen Scott Stadium as full as it ever has been, and as full as it probably will ever be. This newfound success has C.H.S. students intrigued, and is a considerable factor in the lower attendance rates at C.H.S. games. 

While some students remain glued to the student section, always ready to cheer on their Black Knights, there is no denying that the excitement for the game has significantly decreased. This decrease is leading to students showing less school spirit than ever before. With a serious lack of senior leadership in the student section, the lower grades have tried (without success) to fill the void and create a loud, hostile environment that will motivate our black knights to victory. however, there has consistently been a crowd of C.H.S students swarming the gates of Scott Stadium, ready to cheer on the Cavaliers. This difference in excitement is caused by two things; difference in team success, and student’s lack of school spirit. 

In conclusion, as our Black Knights continue to struggle, the student presence at CHS games will continue to grow in importance (So go to the games). However, Saturdays in Scott seem to be looking up, at least for the time being.