This Title Is Trash But This Year Wasn’t

Autumn Hiller and Lily Wielar


  • Baseball team winning
    • After a season of no wins for both JV and varsity, this year, the baseball team finally pulled through and got that dub. What changed? No one knows, but let’s hope it keeps happening.
  • Queen Cece
    • SCA Executive President wins prom queen
  • New field house
    • Real mirrors, new stalls, and hand driers, oh my!
  • Junior win at powderpuff
    • Juniors really showed up and represented at the first annual Powderpuff event. They’re expected to go to states next year 😉 Watch out Boys Football
  • UVA basketball win
    • After last March Madness, everyone lost faith. But our boys came through and all the way to the end. We laughed, we cried, and most of all, go Hoos!
  • Mr. Ccooke’s puppies
    • Which was cuter? The puppies? Or Mr. Cooke?

      Mr. Cooke
      Kunga Youdon holding Rex
  • New track
    • It’s so high tech we can’t even see it!….
  • Big baller volleyball
    • The first annual boys’ volleyball event was a success. Hunter Randle, Joe von Storch, Jack Rabinowitz, Jack Hardley, John Heck, Kyle Lehnert, Gage Winstead, and Jasper Crum went undefeated and won the whole tournament
  • Art wins in Atlanta
    • Let’s just say we feel bad for all the other schools that competed…
  • Lime scooters
    • Underclassmen, no need to call mom for a ride anymore…now you’ll always have one “limed” up  
  • Sign falling in Mamma Mia
    • My, my, here we go again. The already top-notch show had an element of surprise in the middle of their show! Was it on purpose? Who cares!? It was funny!




Cleve Packer and Bethany Bazemore. Photo Courtesy of Cleve Packer

When the year begins to wind down, Charlottesville High School students can always look forward to prom season; and with prom season, comes promposals. Promposals are a fun way to ask out that special someone without making things too awkward or too weird. Puns, rhymes, jokes, and food are a surefire way to secure a date to the big dance. The more clever you are, the better your night will be.

  • Charlie and Lara:
    • Charlie Burns invites sophomore Lara Hendrix along to the Knight in the Wild West Prom
  • Bethany and Cleve:
    • Junior Bethany Bazemore says yes to Hoco King Cleve Packer’s promposal
  • Ayat and Olivia:
    • Senior Ayat Mohamed takes a clever approach that incorporated their love for soccer to ask sophomore Olivia Pemberton