Spring Sports Overview

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Spring Sports Overview

Caspar Henneman and James Tanner, Sports editor and Staff writer

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Key returns: Hunter Randle, Archer Lyster, Gage Winstead, Brenden Riley

Key losses: Zach Russell, Sam Neale, Jake Poe

Key additions: Max Gunderson, Shaun Barbour, Tony Brozey


The lacrosse team is looking to have another decent season this year after going 7-6 last year. Their goal is to win a playoff game, which they have made it to in each of the last four years. With two senior captains returning in Gage Winstead and Hunter Randle from last year, they have a reasonable chance of meeting or surpassing their goal.



Key Returns: Jack Rabinowitz, Dalton Richardson, Marcus Targonski

Key losses: Kai Oishi

Key Additions: None

After a disappointing season last year, the baseball team looks to improve their win rate and change the culture of C.H.S. baseball. They currently have 2 wins on the year, including an upset win against Louisa county. The implementation of new head coach Roberto Cox has had a significant effect on the overall performance and attitude of the team, and they hope to continue to see improvement over these closing weeks.  



Key returns: Cleve Packer

Key losses: Whit Rudder

Key Additions: Pieter Heming

The tennis team also suffered disappointment in a loss in regionals last year to EC Glass they hope to make it states and continue their patterns of excellence. The presence of senior Cleve Packer is extremely vital in the team’s overall success, and he hopes to remain undefeated into the playoffs.



Key Returns: Maya Block, Annika Antholis, Bethany Bazemore, Kika van der Pluijm, Kasai Calloway

Key losses: Char Tomlinson, Mille Schlegel, Elizabeth Kromkowski

Key additions: Lucia Hoskins, Lara Hendrix, Ana Lopez

The Girls Lacrosse team looks to improve on a two-win season last year.


Girls soccer

Key returns: Kaitlyn Lehnert and Annabel Coyle

Key Losses: Zoe Weatherford, Anna Lou Bernstein

Key Additions: Elizabeth Burns, Amalia Ventre, Ania Cafferillo, Emma Doull, Zoe DeGuzman, Ella Reed, Sabrina Hendricks

The goals for this year’s girls soccer team is to be successful.


Boys Soccer

Key Returns: Ayat Mohamed, Adam Moreland, Benhui Ryang, Nathan Fisher, Oliver Barcia, Rachade Kondo, Will Inigo, Rodrigo Reyes, Malcolm Brickhouse

Key Losses: Isaac Kenner, Campbell Brickhouse, Lucas Higgins

Key Additions: Noah Van Boswinkel, Said Osman

Soccer wishes to continue their patterns of excellence by winning the regional and state tournaments. The boys soccer team has been the most consistent sports team at C.H.S. and with their senior experience, they have a chance to bring a state championship  


Co-ed Track

Key Returns: Susannah Birle, Joe Von Storch, Isaac Vik

Key Losses: Kennedy Wardlaw, Mitchell Temple, Anna Lou Bernstein

Key Additions: Lewis Tate


The track team looks to be successful 



Key Returns: Emma Farruggio, Madison Morris

Key Losses: Brianna Wilson, Letia Wilson, Virginia Gibson

Key Additions: None


The softball team improves every practice and hopes to add a few wins to their record this season.