Here We Go Again: Another Exciting Theater C.H.S. Production of “Mamma Mia”

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Here We Go Again: Another Exciting Theater C.H.S. Production of “Mamma Mia”

Mamma Mia ensemble rehearses.

Mamma Mia ensemble rehearses.

Mamma Mia ensemble rehearses.

Mamma Mia ensemble rehearses.

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Take a Chance on the new CHS musical, Mamma Mia, to see some Dancing Queens and help the theatre department make some Money, Money, Money. Every year the theatre puts on a large scale drama production and this year they decided to put on the famous show and blockbuster movie: Mamma Mia.

Theater director, David Becker, feels that the play takes quite a different turn from last years play South Pacific. “It’s fun. Its lighthearted. It’s very accessible to everyone,” he says.

Chloe Boutin, who plays one of the leads, Sophie Sheridan, says that this year, “The students had a say on what show we were going to be doing.” With such a well known play the theatre department is hoping to bring in a large portion of the student body this year.

The play was morphed around the famous Abba songs, almost all of which are included in the play. For those who are unfamiliar with the play, it follows the life of young girl, Sophie Sheridan, who lives with her single mom. In the days before her wedding she searches for her “true” father all of which is set on a magical and beautiful Greek Island.

Adria Cafferello and Parker Nelson rehearse.

As seen below this years cast consists mainly of juniors. Dance Captain, Jack Heaphy, a prominent theatre member stated that, “We did lose a lot of seniors who have had big roles … so it will be very different this year.” But he is very excited for the play and to work with such a great group of people.

Similarly, David Becker said, “I have cast a play that represents the community of Charlottesville High School… We have a lot of really great talent in this building.” He looks to showcase our schools diversity in a play and movie that has typically seen mainly white casting.

“I love the cast. I love the kids. I love the school,” says Becker with much enthusiasm towards the upcoming play.



Sophie Sheridan – Chloe Boutin

Donna Sheridan – Courtney Snapp

*Donna understudy – Eliza Smith

Harry Bright – Thurston Whitlow

Bill Austin – Tave Slangerup

Sam Carmichael – Zayne Almurshidi

*Sam understudy – Jack Antes

Sky – Austyn Nowell

Tanya – Adria Cafferillo

*Tanya understudy – Emily Webber

Rosie – Parker Nelson

*Rosie understudy – Javier Fortune

Ali – Kaia Brown

Lisa – Lolly Lynch

Pepper/Dance Captain – Jack Heaphy

Eddie – Xander Caesar

Alexandrios/Ensemble – Kennan McLaren